What kind of parent are you? We ve heard of the tiger mom and the helicopter mom. Now meet the minimalist mom, a more hands off approach to parenting. A Portland mother of two literally wrote the book on it.

When you hover, you re robbing your child of important life skills. At some point they are going to face problems, explained Asha Dornfest, author of Minimalist Parenting. Instead she believes children need space and families need to simplify. It has to do with trusting yourself and editing your life so that there s more room for what you truly care about, she said.

She admits it will look different for each family, but a free 14-day plan offered on the Minimalist Parenting website can get you started. We begin with having you make a more or less list, write down what you want more of in your life, and what you want to reduce, she said. Dornfest said her expertise comes from raising a son and daughter and blogging with hundreds of other parents for seven years.

I read all the books when I became a parent, and when my child didn t fit the mold, I thought I was doing something wrong, she said. Minimalist parenting, she believes, allows more room for mistakes and more room for children to grow. When we back off and let the child have space, that s when the magic happens, she said.

If you d like to tap into the magic, Dornfest is hosting a book signing Saturday, April 20th 7-8:30pm at A Children s Place Bookstore in Portland.

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