COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -- Coeur d'Alene City Councilman Steve Adams say he called 911 after the City Attorney got within a foot of his face and called him a moron.

In the 911 tape Adams says, I would like to have an officer respond. I would like a citizen's arrest. The attorney Mike Gridley is threatening me.

Adams told the 911 operator Gridley got within a foot of his face and called him a moron. He said he felt threatened by Gridley's position and imposing size.

Looking back on the incident, Adams says calling 911 might have been excessive.

Adams has also filed an ethics complaint against Gridley with the Idaho State Bar. He has also reported Gridley's alleged actions to the mayor and city council on the night of the recent altercation.

After Adams made his complaint to Mayor Sandy Bloem, he say she raised her fist (at me) and said she had half a mind to punch my nose off my face.

Attorney Gridley's only comment was that he did use curse words while speaking to Adams at two different city council meetings.

They were debating how the city would pay for the over-haul of a sewage treatment plant.

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