PORTLAND - Snow may fall in elevations as low as 1,000 feet in the Portland metro area through Friday, according to KGW Meteorologist Nick Allard.

Friday morning the snow level should be just below 1,000 feet, so the higher hills may see some wet snowflakes, Allard said. The rest of us will see some showers at times with plenty of sun breaks and temperatures in the upper-40s.


Cheryl Kuck with the Portland Bureau of Transportation said the city will be ready to respond if conditions get icy, although experts were telling them it was unlikely.

With scattered showers expected to continue Thursday night and Friday, we don t have plans to apply anti-icing chemicals because the rain would just wash it away. Surface temperatures have been warm enough that we aren t concerned about ice forming or snow sticking to the pavement, she explained.

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Snow continued to fall on Mt. Hood Thursday as temperatures dropped across Western Oregon. Forecasters expected another accumulation of up to six inches on the mountain.

Drivers in Government Camp and above described the roads as very slushy.

Skiers and snowboarders said it was a great day to be on the mountain. Danielle Sakrison said she s on Spring Break from Houston, Texas and has been very impressed with the area ski resorts.

We flew in three days ago. It's just been awesome skiing, perfect powder, just beautiful. The best skiing I've ever had, she said.

Officials with the Oregon Department of Transportation said they wanted to warn drivers not to get a false impression of safety just because it s now spring.

They said drivers should remember to keep chains in their cars at all times and be prepared for unpredictable weather.

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