BOISE The Boise Police Department is investigating over 20 reports of cars vandalized in the last two weeks.

BPD spokesman Charles McClure says it appears a BB gun was used to commit the vandalism in many cases.

People have been calling police to report broken windows all across Boise. The vandalism reports have ranged from Vista Avenue to Lake Hazel Road.

In some cases, residents have woken up to their car windows smashed.

Tendoy Drive residents Milton and Jo Torfin said they didn t expect to find their truck s driver side window smashed early Monday.

We were going to leave when we discovered the window looked foggy, said Jo Torfin. We went over and of course we saw a pretty good-sized bullet hole.

The Torfins are just a few of the of many victims.

A truck parked on the street on West Malad was also vandalized. The man who owned that vehicle said his son was devastated when he heard about it, because they are trying to restore it together.

The rash in vandalism also made quite a busy day for a Rocky Clark who owns The Windshield Guy.

KTVB found Clark fixing a vehicle on White Cloud Drive Tuesday morning.

It's been happening everywhere for the last couple of weeks, said Clark.

McClure said officers are following up on several credible leads. However, residents say the car vandalism is getting out of hand.

Clark says the vandalism is pretty bad.

This is the worst I have seen, he said. I mean it happens every now and then, but this seems like it s somebody that is doing it on purpose, over and over, just for the fun of it.

Clark has been in the business of fixing glass for seven years and said this is the busiest he s been.

The one I did earlier today (Tuesday), same thing two weeks ago, same window, same guy, said Clark.

He's talking about the Wright family who live on South Derbyshire Avenue in a quiet neighborhood just off Lake Hazel Road. Their van has been hit with a BB gun twice now.

It s not fun to get hit twice in a row, said Dustin Wright.

Wright said they found the back window of their van with one bullet hole in it two weeks ago and Tuesday morning they found the same window with two bullet holes in it.

It s probably extremely funny to them to hit the same vehicle twice, said Wright.

However, he doesn t think its funny. For his family, the repairs are costly. He spent the afternoon cleaning out the garage so he didn t have to leave the vehicle outside at night.

It s hard for families and it doesn't even matter who the family is, Wright said. You know having a vehicle that is not functional is difficult, said Wright.

The Ada County Sheriff s Office had about 4 to 5 reports of windows being shot out by a BB guns two weeks ago.

Anyone with information about the vandalism is asked to call Crime stoppers at 343-COPS. Police are offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

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