PORTLAND The raging manifesto posted by fugitive former LAPD cop and suspected killer Christopher Dorner mentions five friends, two of whom live in Oregon.

Dorner is believed to have killed three people and injured two others in a spree of violence around Southern California. Police found his burned out vehicle, but so far, cannot find him.

Search for cop killer stretches across S. Calif.

On Thursday, the San Bernardino Sheriff warned Dorner could be anywhere. Officers looking for him in Big Bear, Calif. face cold temperatures and snow. They are relying on aerial support and are carefully looking at the manifesto he posted earlier in the week.

His 11,000-word manifesto is rife with angry threats aimed at his former employer.

The violence of action will be high, he wrote. I will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in LAPD uniform whether on or off duty...You will now live the life of the prey.

But later in that manifesto, Dorner mentions five friends. They each get a paragraph of praise. Salem attorney, James Usera, who played football in college with Dorner, is one of them.

(There was) no indication of violence that I experienced. No indication of aggressiveness that I experience. My experience with Dorner was overwhelmingly positive, he told KGW.

Justin Gambos went to Naval officer candidate school with Dorner. The last time he saw him was when he was being investigated for false statements. The LAPD eventually fired Dorner.

(He was a) very charismatic, very kind person. That s why this comes as such a surprise to me, Gambos said. I could tell something was wrong. He wasn t the guy I remembered.

At one point, officers fired at a truck they thought was Dorner s, but it was actually two women delivering newspapers. The gunfire injured them but they're expected to be okay.

His Oregon friends can't explain Dorner's behavior. But at least one of them is ready to listen.

You know to tell you the truth, I wish he d call me. I really do. On some level if I m a person for whom he has respect and who he may listen to, Usera said. If there were something positive I could do to help the situation I would like to do that.

Most of the manifesto revolves around Dorner's hope to clear his name after being fired from the LAPD. He laments not being able to grow old with the friends he calls out, including Usera and Gambos.

KGW reporter Reggie Aqui contributed to this report.

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