He is known for rallying his teammates during some of their deepest deficits on the field.

On Tuesday, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson did the same thing, but this time for a high school student from Olympia.

Almost every Tuesday, Wilson takes a trip to Seattle Children's Hospital. But there was one patient who kept missing out on meeting him.

David Padilla, a senior at Olympia's Timberline High School who is also an all league baseball player, was diagnosed in October with a rare bone cancer.

At first, they said he'd never play baseball again, said Dennis Padilla, David s father. We've done a lot of studying. They can't tell you he can't.

What do you do now? said Amber Lewis, David s girlfriend. Everything for the future has been stopped.

Lewis thought a visit from Wilson might be the thing to lift her boyfriend s spirits. So last week she launched a campaign on Twitter, asking @DangeRussWilson to visit @davidpadilla35 at Seattle Children s Hospital.

It was a random spur of the moment, said Lewis. I put it on Twitter with a hash tag. #PaddillaneedstheDanger. Something catchy.

And boy did it spread.

My friends from the school and all around the school started tweeting, said David Padilla. Then we had everyone doing it.

Then late last night, @DangeRussWilson decided to grant Padilla's wish. He tweeted I will be there just to see you!

I got a text from David, 'Oh my god he's coming. He tweeted me. I'm so nervous!' said Lewis.

Tuesday morning, there he was, giving David a personal visit and signing autographs.

The rookie quarterback, who was told he was too short to play, who knows a thing or two about making a comeback, was the perfect inspiration.

Listen, I'll see you on TV one day, man, Wilson told David. You'll get through, you'll be good.

Now I'll be slower or whatever, but I'll have to fight through it and do what I can to be productive and everything for baseball, David said after Wilson had left.

Wilson has a soft spot for baseball players too. He was a minor league baseball player for two seasons before he decided to play football instead.

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