BOISE -- Several fire trucks, police, and a hazmat crew responded to the call of a suspicious substance in a men's bathroom near the ticket counters at the Boise Airport Sunday afternoon.

At about 2:30 p.m., two people say they found a cube of a white substance in a urinal, and flushed it. When they did, they say the water bubbled and started to react, so they left immediately and called for help.

The bathrooms were taped off, and crews responded. But, fire officials say they found nothing, not even a change in the P.H. of the water. However, they say, in a situation like this, especially at the airport, it's best to report anything suspicious.

Always good to be extra cautious, and when you see things that don't make sense to us, it's always good to call the authorities, and have it checked out, said Capt. Daryl Riedinger with the Boise Fire Department. Better safe than sorry.

Besides the bathrooms, no other operations were disrupted at the airport while crews investigated.

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