SPOKANE -- A strike involving Spokane Symphony musicians is over.

Both parties agreed to a new 2-year contract agreement, which includes an 11% pay cut, a reduction in services, and an additional 3 weeks personal leave allowance.

The announcement came at the deadline for musicians to start rehearsing for the first performance of the Nutcracker, scheduled for Thursday evening. If the deal had not been made, audiences would have seen the performance with recorded music.

Musicians went on strike four weeks ago after contract negotiations with the Symphony failed.

Their previous contract expired on Aug. 30. One of the biggest sticking points was salary cuts. The Symphony proposed a 13-percent pay cut; the musicians countered with a 7-percent pay cut instead.

At a press conference held Tuesday afternoon, the musicians said they would return to the stage, but this will continue to be a challenging time for them.

Several symphony performances were cancelled while the musicians were on strike.

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