PORTLAND - The Oregon Zoo 's pregnant Asian elephant, Rose Tu, is has begun going into labor, according to zookeepers.

Rose Tu's fans can still track all her updates on the zoo's baby elephant blog.

The zoo said Wednesday evening it would be between 12-36 hours before the birth.

Rose-Tu is has been placed in isolation and is under 24-hour watch. Zookeepers have been spending the night in cots near the huge elephant, watching and waiting.

Raw video: Rose Tu in 'maternity ward'

But zoo visitors can no longer see her. The pregnant mom will be kept safely indoors and the elephant area closed until after the calf is born.

If you were a pregnant mom, would you want to be stared at? commented Oregon Zoo Director Kim Smith, with a giggle. We're just trying to keep her quiet and really relaxed. We want this birth to go really well.

The Oregon Zoo has fifty years of experience in birthing and raising Asian Elephants, and a very high success rate to go along with it. Smith said they're excited for a healthy finish after 20-plus months.

Zookeepers have also chosen some name options for the calf. Once it is born, the public will get a chance to weigh-in, too.

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