Search and rescue teams plan to hike back onto Mount Rainier after daybreak Tuesday, hoping to rescue a pair of snowboarders who have been trapped for two days.

One search team was within half-mile of the snowboarders Monday and spoke to them, but were unable to reach the cave the snowboarders took shelter in due to unstable conditions.

Rescuers are extremely concerned about potential hypothermia for the two men, Derek Tyndall, 21, and Thomas Dale, 20.

KING 5 Meterologist Rich Marriott said a couple bands of moisture will be moving through the area Tuesday, but a break after sunrise through the mid-morning will provide the best conditions for rescuers.

Increasing snow is expected throughout the afternoon, with temperatures expected to be in the mid 20s for most of the day.

The men were caught off guard by a storm that rolled in with whiteout and blizzard conditions. They took shelter in a cave, but only brought equipment and supplies for a day trip. They were forced to spend a second night on the mountain Monday.

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