SEATTLE -- The cancellation of the NYC Marathon will cost Seattle runners thousands. Despite spending money on pricey plane tickets, it was a tough decision for many on whether or not to board a plane to New York.

Linda Collie decided to stay home. Even though she trained for a year and a half for the race, she didn t feel right going. As Superstorm Sandy slammed the East Coast her first New York Marathon became something she didn't sign up for.

How could I do celebrate and go to dinner and say give me some champagne when my waiter probably doesn t even have somewhere to live, she said.

Collie spent $6,000 on her trip but expects to get a big portion of it refunded.

Adriane Musuneggi decided to go to NYC. The original hotel she booked still doesn t have power so she found another one last minute for $700 a night. It was a tough decision for me to come, she said.

Sandy s destruction in person doesn t compare to seeing it on TV in Seattle. Half of Manhattan is still without power and there s a scarcity of resources I do feel bad that I m here, said Musuneggi.

Collie is disappointed she won t run her dream race, but is more concerned about the people trying to get back on their feet. Think about people with no power, no food that s the bigger picture not us, we ll still keep running, she said.

So far, runners are being told they won t be refunded their $300 race entry fee. Instead, they ll be guaranteed a spot in next year s race.

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