SPANAWAY, Wash. -- Kyong Cha Herman was expecting a delivery from Nordstrom, so she didn't think twice when she saw what she thought was a delivery man carrying a package at her front door.

But when she opened the door last Friday morning, she knew she was wrong.

He said, 'I'm Mexican. I need a thousand dollars', said Herman.

She told KING 5 News she fought with the stranger on her front porch and in her entry way before he stabbed her and duct taped her to a chair in her dining room.

I tell him, 'Don't kill me. I'm not going to kill you,' he said, according to Herman.

She said he wanted cash and ransacked her home until he found $500 and her car keys.

The man drove off in her BMW, which was found, abandoned, three blocks away from her Spanaway home.

Police have not been found the man Kyong Cha Herman described as a short, Hispanic male wearing a black or brown delivery person's uniform.

She's a fighter, said Andrew Herman, Kyong Cha's husband.

He said if she did not defend herself and break free from the duct tape, his wife of 28 years would have died.

She could have easily bled to death in here, said Andrew Herman.

His wife credits her faith.

Thank you, God, so much. You saved my life, said Kyong Cha Herman.

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