An Oak Harbor man says he was sucker punched while waiting for a cab. The attack was apparently random and although police know who did it, that man hasn t been charged.

Tyson Boon says he was badly beaten September 9 by a man outside Mi Pueblo, an Oak Harbor Mexican restaurant. He was there for a retirement party.

He reached around and struck me and ran away, said Boon.

His wife rushed to the restaurant.

He was laying on the ground, there was blood everywhere, said BreAnna Boon.

Tyson Boon was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, where he fell into a coma. He was treated for a fractured skull and recently released. He still has short term memory loss.

Now we re dealing with the after effects of it, said his wife.

Boon is the sole provider for the family and is physically unable to go back to work.

I went from being strong as an ox to being told I can t even lift 10 pounds, he said.

The bills are piling up.

It s weird to think there are people out there that just randomly act out in violence, said Tyson

He says Oak Harbor police haven t charged his attacker with any crimes yet. With him still out there, the Boons fear someone else may get hurt.

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