Working through Pregnancy

I went into labor with my first child in the bathroom of the North Carolina television station where I worked at the time. It was one hour before the 6 o clock newscast. And I was the only News Anchor working that day. As the sports guy rushed me to the hospital in a station truck, our producer scrambled to call my husband and assemble a new cast of characters to get the show on the air. We made it to the hospital and the show made it on the air, without me of course.
The point is, lots of women work right up until D-Day. But a new study, by British researchers at the University of Essex, shows mothers who work into their 8th month of pregnancy are doing as much harm to their baby as if they were smoking. Low birth weight was the biggest concern. And previous studies have shown that low birth weight leads to a higher risk of poor health and slow development for your baby.
I am happy to report that my now 13 year old daughter was born at a healthy weight and she has developed just fine.

Mayer's Maternity Leave Message
Everyone s buzzing about Yahoo s new CEO Marissa Mayer. The soon to be new mom announced that she plans to take only a week or two of maternity leave when she delivers in October. And she ll work from home during that leave. After all, she has a struggling Fortune 500 company to save. Critics say Mayer is underestimating the demands of being a new mother and argue she should take a real maternity leave. Supporters hail her as the poster child for women that can have it all.

I want to hear from you. What message is Mayer sending with her decision to take an abbreviated working maternity leave? Please leave your comment below. Or check us out on Facebook

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