It's happened three times in recent weeks, young children accidentally shot with guns left loaded and unattended by a parent or caregiver.
*Amina Bowman was critically injured February 22nd in Bremerton. She was shot in her third grade classroom with a gun her classmate took from his mother's car.
*Seven year old Jenna Carlile was shot and killed by her younger sibling March 10th in Stanwood. The weapon belonged to their father, a Marysville police officer.
*March 14th in Tacoma, 3-year-old Julio Segura-McIntosh shot and killed himself with a gun left unattended in his family's car.
*And just this week, a 14-year-old boy from Renton, Washington was arrested for bringing a handgun to school. Fortunately, it wasn't loaded and no one was hurt.

Whether you own a gun or not, it is time to take note and talk to your kids so you can arm them with information. Jennie Brown, a nurse with Seattle Children's Hospital has some simple messages you can share with your kids right now, so they'll know exactly what to do if they come in contact with a gun. Plus, she advises every parent to ask, before allowing your kid to play at a friend's house, if there's a gun in the home. If the answer is yes, ask how and where it's stored. And if you don't like the answer, offer to host the play date at your house instead. Watch the video for more information you can share with your kids.

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