SEATTLE A California sex offender was arrested last week after allegedly asking to have sex with a Seattle man s teenage daughter.

At least that s what he thought. The girl didn't exist and the Seattle man was actually an undercover detective with the Seattle Police Department s Internet Crimes Against Children Unit.

Seattle Police say Detective Tye Holland posted a fake ad on a website that s known for child pornography and that involves people who victimize children. Holland offered up his fictional daughter for sex.

Police say the suspect responded, writing I'm in to kids, so if you have kids you want to whore out, let me know. The suspect allegedly sent 150 emails over several weeks to Holland, along with photos of child pornography, hoping to arrange a meeting.

When Holland realized the man really was committed to such a meeting, he contacted Los Angeles police. Detectives set up a sting and arrested the suspect for attempted rape of a child and distribution of child pornography.

The sad thing is, there is no shortage of people that will victimize children if given the chance, said Holland. I could do these cases every single day. There's that much work out there, and there's that much need.

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