BOISE -- It was a wild sight in a Boise parking lot Monday afternoon that had onlookers staring in disbelief.

Boise Police say the driver of a Chevy Suburban lost control of her SUV and drove over the top of two compact cars. It happened around 4 p.m.

Officer Stephen VanDoren says the woman had pulled into the drive-thru at the Key Bank at 1111 Broadway Avenue. She got out of the vehicle and put it in park. Then got back in and when she put it in gear, the SUVlunged forward, jumping a curb and running over the top of two parked vehicles.

Fortunately, no one was inside either car.

Since the accident happened on private property, police did not issue any citations. VanDoren says it will be up to the insurance companies to settle this matter.

The accident attracted a number of people who stopped to take pictures of the unusual scene.

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