Top Toy List

I get dizzy walking through the toy store looking for gifts this time of year. And when you have several kids to shop for it can really be overwhelming. Parents Magazine put out a list of their top toy picks for 2010. You'll find things for your creative kids,educational toys, and action packed playthings too. I like that they include toys and games you might not find in a big box store. It's shopping made simple and that's how I like it!

Shop for Charity

Talk about a gift that keeps on giving. Each week we're sharingideas on how to give back to your community. We love the website because they make it so easy to donate to charity. They've partnered with retailers like Target, Macy's, Barnes & Noble and a whole lot more. A percentage of anything you buy goes back to the charity of your choice. On the sister site, for every search you make, one penny is donated to the charity of your choice.And we all know, every penny counts!

Countdown Calendar

Every day without fail my son pops the question, How many more days until Christmas? Weary of answering the same question every day since Halloween, I now tell him to go look it up on the calendar and spread the word to his sisters so they won't ask me the same question later in the day. Our friends at Celebrate Green shared a great idea that's not too lateto try. It's a countdowncalendar that will provide days of family fun.Inside each pocket on the calendarthere's a slip of paper listing a simpleactivity to do as a family, like singing carols and making up some new words to the song, making cookies to take to the local fire department,or scouring the neighborhood forpine cones or other items you can use to create a table decoration.If you don't sew, you can evenuse brown paperbags orrecycled toiletpaper tubesto make your calendar. Check out these links for different ideas.Have fun!

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