Violent video game ban

Chances are if you have pre-teens or teenagers on your Christmas shopping list, you re in the market for video games. Right now the U.S. Supreme Court is considering whether stores in California can be banned from selling violent video games to kids. At issue is a California state law which makes it illegal to sell violent games to minors just like alcohol and cigarettes. Games that are fueling the debate include Grand Theft Auto where players can kill prostitutes with a baseball bat, or Postal 2, a shoot-em-up game in which a player can burn people alive.

Studies from the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest that media violence can lead to more aggressive behavior in children. But gaming industry executives argue the games should be protected by the First Amendment.

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Tough times for military kids

Service men and women make great sacrifices to protect our country and for some that means spending months, even years at a time, away from their children. Now we're getting a better idea of just how those deployments affect children.Researchers have found that military children between the ages of 3 and 8, whose parents deploy,seek treatment 11-percent more often for mood, anxiety and adjustment disorders, as well as autism and attention deficit disorders.

The study in the December issue of the Journal Pediatrics also found larger increases In mental and behavioral health visits among older children with military parents.These kids are dealing with lots of stress including frequent moves, a parent gone for a long time, and the risk of a parent's death. The U.S. Army is focusing on ways to reduce successive tours of duty to ease the burden on soldiers' families.

But one local health counselor fears that military kids are too often diagnosed with ADD, when really they're just dealing with lots of stress because mom or dad isn't around.

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