JEROME, Idaho -- The bodies of a missing woman and her two young children were recovered from a car submerged in a canal near Jerome on Monday morning.

Investigators pulled out a white 1996 Chevy Lumina and confirmed the car belonged to the woman who was last seen on Wednesday.

At this point it looks like it was a tragic accident resulting in the deaths of these fine people, said Jerome County Sheriff Douglas McFall.

It was Wednesday night that Alisha Hepworth, 7-year-old John and 3-year-old Mahailla left Alisha's parents home for a fair in Gooding.

They were supposed to meet a friend, but never showed.

According to investigators, family assumed the trio was okay but after a couple days Alisha hadn't returned any phone calls.

Her estranged husband reported her missing on Saturday.

Meanwhile, a local farmer noticed a damaged sign near a guardrail on a local road.

After hearing about the missing mother and children he started becoming concerned about the damage in this area and the missing folks, McFall said.

The farmer s hunch told him to call highway authorities and they went out to investigate.

The two of them began to inspect the canal going underneath the roadway at the bridge and discovered a vehicle antenna that was sticking up through the water, said Jerome County Sheriff Douglas McFall.

That prompted a call to the sheriff's office whose deputies and dive crews found Alisha's car under water.

McFall says it appears this was an accident Alisha's car drifted off the road, hit a guardrail and landed in the canal.

The car came to rest at bottom of the canal on its wheels but it did sustain some damage during the crash. There was a collision with the end of the guardrail and a collision with an embankment, McFall said.

I spoke with the family, the family is taking it hard of course, this is a tragic accident but they have the support of friends and other family members and clergy and they're doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances.

The sheriff says Alisha's car was found about a half mile away from her parent's home.

The exact cause of death is unknown.

Idaho State Police are investigating the accident.

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