BOISE COUNTY -- A car lost control and went over an embankment on Arrow Rock Road near Lucky Peak on Saturday evening around 7:00 p.m.

The Boise County Sheriff's Office says the driver is a man in his 30's. At the time of the crash, his son, who appeared to be around 10-years-old was also in the car.

Deputy Terry Acker said the driver told him he was coming around a sharp curve when another car approached. The driver said he swerved to avoid the oncoming car and ended up crossing the opposite lane, plunging over the embankment toward the water.

The car stopped about 20 feet down the embankment, without going into the water.

The father and son walked down to the water, and a nearby boat picked up the pair and took them to their nearby campsite to wait for emergency crews, according to the Boise County Sheriff's Office.

Neither the driver nor his son had any serious injuries.Both were checked out by East Boise Ambulance crews as a precaution.

A section of Arrow Rock was closed for about an hour as crews worked to pull the car up the embankment.

The driver has been cited, though the exact charge is not known.

Acker said they handle roughly three to four accidents involving drivers running their cars off of Arrow Rock Road each year.

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