Facebookand divorce

You log onto Facebook and there it is:A blast from the past.Your exsent you a friend request. Accept. Ignore. Accept. Ignore. What to do? You accept. And suddenly, something old is new again.

A Pew Internet Survey found about one in five adults use Facebook for flirting.Fair game -unless of course you're married. Then it could become fair game in divorce court. 81% of lawyers withthe American Academy of Matrimony say they've used evidence from social networking sights in theirdivorce cases. So remember what you post on Facebook can come back to haunt you.

Lead injuice

A pretty disturbing finding out of California - theEnvironmental Law Foundation recently tested dozens of popular juices and packaged fruits, including organic versions. They found lead levels in those products above California's standard. Evenwell-known brands like Gerber, Beechnut, Earth's Best and many more are on the list. Although California's standard is lower than the federal cap for lead, doctors say there is no such thing as a safe level of lead for kids.

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