BOISE -- For years Ada County drivers have gotten their emissions tested by local businesses that often operate out of red vans.

But that may be changing and those red vans may soon be a thing of the past.

Boise City Council and Meridian City Council members will see a presentation tonight from the Department of Environmental Quality about a new type of emissions testing program.

Council members have two options.

They can decide to use a new contractor to administer vehicle emissions or they can stick with the red van operators.

If they decide to go with the new contractor, it would save drivers as much as $9 per test, but it could also put red van operators out of business.

Ed White is one of those who operates a red van. He has been administering emissions tests for nearly seven years at the corner of Emerald and Orchard streets in Boise. He is one of about 49 stations operating in Ada County.

White says his business has already been hurt by recent changes to emissions testing. When the county decided to move to biennial testing, he lost half of his business.

If Ada County and its cities switch to a new contractor, White will be out of work.

The red vans have become very noticeable. When people come by they say, oh, emissions testing, said White.

A spokesman for the Department of Environmental Quality says they chose SysTech International to be its contractor for emissions testing because it has great personnel and the company specializes in emissions testing.

It will be up to Ada County and its cities to decide if they want to make the change. There is no deadline to decide.

The process begins at 6 p.m. tonight when the Boise City Council hears from SysTech and DEQ.

Meridian will also hear from them tonight and Ada County Wednesday. Garden City hears their proposal on Monday.

SysTech is the same company who will administer emissions testing in Canyon County and Kuna beginning June 1.

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