ADA COUNTY -- The Boise Fire Department wants $15,000 for battling flames at a rural Ada County home nearly two years ago.

The fire was in a neighborhood without fire protection, but Boise firefighters were the closest and responded.

Homeowner Gary Campbell lives in the foothills near Table Rock and does not pay taxes for fire protection.

So, Boise Fire says Boise taxpayers should be compensated for the cost of helping him out.

Campbell says his insurance company is working on it.

In the meantime, his neighbors are working on a plan to get fire protection.

Campbell will never forget Nov. 4, 2007.

His then 13-year-old son with Down syndrome used a lighter to find the family cat and accidentallyignited thefire.

It pretty much evaporated, the garage was left standing, Campbell said..

It took Boise Fire 25 minutes to get to his home in the foothills of rural Ada County.

I would think that everybody in Ada County have some level of service. Everybody has police service, everybody has ambulance service. There should be some level of fire service provided to everybody, said Campbell.

He knew the risk of not having his home in a fire district and he says he and others in the small foothills subdivision tried to change that.

The law says rural homeowners can ask to join a neighboring fire district or create their own.

Campell says the subdivision petitioned an existing fire district before his house caught fire but learned afterward the subdivision was denied.

He has rebuilt his home there and now he and his neighbors are giving serious thought to the alternative.

I think probably the most reasonable route for us is to form our own fire district and set up a taxing district than to try contract with adjoining fire districts, saidCampbell.

If Campbell and some neighbors agree to create a fire protection district, they have to go to Ada County commissioners to get started.

If it's approved, they would have to elect a board and establish a tax.

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