Video: License to drive costs Seattle man double the price

SEATTLE - When a Seattle man paid to have his Washington driver's license renewed online and the state didn't send it, he was forced to pay twice.

It wasn't until he got Jesse that the state realized there was a larger problem.

Darryl Hislop decided to go online to renew his driver's license because he's a busy guy.

"I figured it would be easier just to do it online instead of going down there and waiting like everybody else," he said.

His waiting had only just begun, because a month later he still hadn't received a license.

"So I try going back online to see what happened to it," Hislop said. "I could not get back on the site."

It wasn't until we asked the state about Hislop's license that they discovered a bigger problem. At last count 26 people either never got their licenses or had to pay twice for them, all because of a glitch in the Department of Licensing's computer system.

Hislop's license expired while waiting for the new one to arrive.

"So I went to the driver's license bureau, had to wait there an hour to talk to somebody," he said. "When I finally got to the counter, the guy knew of the problem and I had to still pay again to get my driver's license."

After we spoke to the DOL, officials admitted Hislop did pay twice and promised to issue him a full refund.

The DOL promises to correct all the problems caused by the computer glitch.

What to do if this happens to you? Call DOL customer service and make sure you have copies of your transaction.

Bottom line: Take the steps necessary to make sure you're not charged twice.

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