SPOKANE, Wash. -- As part of the Project Inspire Campaign, KREM 2 News is raising awareness about deadly ALS with the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The national face of the terminal disease, former Gonzaga prep and NFL star Steve Gleason, took the awareness to a new level.

WATCH: KREM's Darnay Tripp takes the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

Gleason put his humor on display to explain why you've seen hundreds of people online and on Twitter dumping ice water on their heads.

Seahawks coach Pete Carrol just did it the Ice Bucket Challenge. Celebrities are doing it. Gleason's mom Gail Gleason even did it.

While Steve Gleason is the most famous ALS patient advocating for awareness and a cure for the disease, he didn't start the ice bucket challenge.

It was the idea of an ALS patient from the Boston area.

Gleason challenges you to dump a bucket of ice water on your head and donate $10 to fight ALS.

If you're too chicken to take the ice bath, he asks you to donate $100..

The challenge was started in the spring, But has picked up momentum in NFL training camps and with celebrities.

And now comes the biggest ALS celebrity of them all: The catalyst for project inspire, Spokane's Steve Gleason.

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