SEATTLE The EPA is requiring Rainier Commons to remove toxic paint contaminated with PCBs and lead from the old Rainier Brewery.

The paint blasting work is already underway, but some tenants complain they re getting blasted too.

Some of the windows are covered in plastic during the paint removal project.

I cannot use the daylight for photography, says photo studio owner, Leo Lam.

Lam, who also rents a start-up adjoining space, says all of his clients have left because of the blasting noise.

The toxic paint is peeling and blistering.

Lam says he was not told about the removal project when he signed his lease.

It was never disclosed to me. I m basically just bleeding money right now. I lost income for the space that I m still paying rent for, said Lam.

Rainier Commons says they are working with the EPA and tenants to get the project done right.

A spokesperson adds they are telling prospective tenants about the project.

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