TACOMA, Wash. -- A Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldier was getting ready to move his entire family across country to Fort Benning, Georgia, when their U-Haul was stolen from their hotel parking lot last weekend. Police recovered the vehicle less than 24 hours later, but many valuables were missing.

It's at least the fourth U-Haul truck to be stolen in the area since May.

As soon as Staff Sergeant Mark Love rolled up the door of the U-Haul, the Love family knew the news wasn't good. His wife, Karen Love, surveyed the damage.

It's obviously not how we packed it at all, she said. A bunch of stuff is missing. My TVs are gone.

All of their belongings had been rifled through. But at least some irreplaceable items were still there, like her daughter's baby book.

It's like a punch to the gut. It's horrible, said Mark Love.

Love and his family were in the process of relocating to Georgia when thieves stole their U-Haul from the Tacoma Red Lion Inn parking lot Friday night. It looked like they simply punched the ignition.

In May, three separate U-Haul trucks were stolen, two of them caught on camera: one in Seattle, another in Bellevue, and a third in Auburn.

It sounds like someone is targeting U-Hauls, said Mark Love. It's a way to get valuable stuff.

When the family is finished taking inventory of their missing belongings, they will load into a different truck and start their trek across the country again.

The Loves say they bought insurance through U-Haul, but the company told them not all of their belongings may be covered.

Police do not know if any of the thefts are connected. They say thieves often cruise hotel parking lots for moving trucks to steal.

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