SEATTLE-- Running back Marshawn Lynch returned to the practice field at Seattle Seahawks headquarters Friday after an eight day holdout in which he was reportedly seeking more up-front money in his contract.

Lynch was wearing his practice jersey, sweatpants and a ball cap as he walked out on the field.

ESPNreported Friday that Lynch was initally seeking an additional $5 million this season, doubling the amount he was already guaranteed to make. But, he ended up accepting a deal that the Seahawks initially offered in May when Lynch first approached them about a raise.

The additional $1.5 million Lynch will receive is broken down this way:

  • $500,000 - Pregame roster bonus.
  • $500,000 If Lynch rushes for 1,500 yards this season.
  • $500,000 Money Lynch was scheduled to get paid in 2015, which he will be paid now.

The Seahawks will reportedly not go after any of Lynch's signing bonus, but could still go after the $30,000-per day in fines Lynch racked up during the holdout.

Lynch is 28 and approaching the average age in which NFL running backs lose their productivity. That, and the fact that the Seahawks will try to sign quarterback Russell Wilson to a new deal next year, has driven speculation that Lynch may be let go before the 2015 season, the final year of his contract.

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