Ahead of this Friday s premiere of the Marvel superhero movie Guardians Of The Galaxy, cartoonist David Rappoccio of the website Draw Play created superheroes for all 32 NFL Teams.

For the Seahawks, that hero was 12th Man. Here s how Rappoccio describes him:

A recent addition to the world of heroes, 12th man isn t a super hero at all, but merely a man. A man with a really big megaphone. He travels throughout the city in his bright green Prius and finds crimes in progress. When he finds one, he makes really loud noises into his megaphone, alerting everyone of the crime and making sure those true heroes of the Seattle police do their part. If people ignore his cries, then he goes up to the criminals and makes obnoxious hooting sounds until they give up and leave.

Click on our gallery to see a handful of other NFL superheroes, including those for the San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos.

To see all 32, click here.

Follow David Rappoccio at @DrawPlayDave.

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