Winthrop is a town that harkens back to the wild west days, when electricity was an afterthought.

But in this modern day. Power is at the forefront of the mind of people like Rita Kenny.

The longtime owner of Winthrop Mountain Sports is in the dark and adding up all the lost sales, a result of the Carlton Complex fire.

Hotels are closed, gas pumps cut off, restaurants empty.

The fire burned main transmission lines to the town and cut the power during the peak tourism season.

People want food, and the bar open, we don't know if we're going to do it we're going to try, said Lisa Clayton.

Clayton and her husband Mike own Three Fingered Jacks in Winthrop. And were unloading their salvaged food on Wednesday when lightning struck twice.

The hail storm prompted a flash flood and more sirens. That s scary, scary in this community, said Clayton.

Insult to the injuries of the past week.

We just didn't want a flood claim on top of any of the other claims with insurance, said Clayton.

The folks in Winthrop say they will see the light eventually but the damage has been done.

This is a disaster financially and for this town, and the sales taxes that come back to the town to support the town, and there is nothing, said Clayton.

The two disasters - the physical and the economic - will take time to rebuild.

This is going to affect the town for several years down the road, said Kenny.

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