NEAR OMAK, WA. -- Firefighters continued their efforts to contain Washington state's largest wildfire on Sunday. The Carlton Complex fire has burned nearly 100 homes and has scorched 238,000 acres. Fire officials say 300 to 500 homes had to be evacuated.

Crews from across the country have landed on the ground in Central Washington. As the firefighting efforts continued, local residents worked to start over.

At a Sunday morning service in Omak the congregation prayed for the victims of the Carlton Complex fire.

We are so very thankful for God's hand in protection for the many many people who have been in harms way, Pastor Mike McCune said. As I stand here today there has not been one human loss of life.

McCune led his church while one fire victim sat in the middle of the crowd. The pastor invited him up to speak.

The wind sounded like a jet plane, Tom Hancox said. It was very scary. Everything I owned is gone.

Hancox said he is thankful that he had good insurance so his rebuilding effort will begin soon. He said the fire moved 10 miles in 10 minutes and moved over his property in seconds.

Hancox was able to crack a smile when he said, I don't even have a toothbrush right now, but we're going to get one.

Emergency Management said Sunday that they will let people know when they need specific donations, but they said please do not just send in a bunch of water, generators, etc. They said the immediate needs are being covered by the state of Washington, but they will let you know what help is needed in time.

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