TROUTDALE, Ore -- A rock slide closed the Historic Columbia River Highway just north of the Stark Street Bridge on Thursday.

About 100 dump-truck loads of rocks and dirt, including one rock about ten feet tall, came crashing down onto the highway around 11:30 a.m. and closed a quarter-mile section of the road. No one was injured.

The highway will remain closed for the weekend or longer, according to Oregon Department of Transportation spokesman Don Hamilton.

The area has been a problem spot before. The cliff already had netting used to hold rocks back. But it was no match for the force that let loose Thursday morning.

Nearby residents were not surprised. The Columbia River Gorge saw major rock slides on both sides of the river last winter.

I kind of expected it because of the weather we ve had this year, said Diane Peterson. It s been so wet. Then the ice and everything. So that's [the kind of weather] when it s going to come down. This one came down a couple of years ago. Each year we get more coming down.

Peterson, however, saw the bright side.

I m so glad nobody was driving by there when that happened, Peterson said.

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Pat Dooris contributed to this report

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