SPOKANE, Wash. -- The state of Washington planned to issue its first recreational marijuana license to a Spokane man.

Scott O'Neil from Kouchlock Productions received an email from the Liquor Control Board Thursday confirming his license.

O'Neil said he has been overwhelmed with media requests and is ready to get to work.

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Well, the store's ready to go, we just gotta get the license, O Neil said. [It will] probably be a month and a half, two months out. Uh, just varies depending on the control board and how much they got going on at the same time.

O'Neil agreed to buy marijuana from Sean Green, the first man to receive a producer s license for marijuana in the state.

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Kouchlock Productions shop on East Francis is currently selling medical marijuana but will be selling recreational marijuana by July.

O'Neil expects to nearly sell out on day one.

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