YACHATS, Ore.-- Spring whale watching starts March 22 on the Oregon Coast as gray whales migrate north for the spring.

Approximately 18,000 gray whales will pass close to Oregon this March as they head north from their breeding ground in Baja California, Mexico to their summer turf in Alaska.

Whale Watching Week goes from March 22 - 29. Watch locations are listed on VisitOregonCoast.

Cape Perpetua Visitor's Center on the central coast will have volunteers on hand 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to help visitors with whale spotting techniques and information on whale biology and migration patterns.

The Cape Perpetua Scenic Area also has whale exhibits including bones and baleen from gray whales, jaw bones from a blue whale and sperm whale teeth. It will also offer movies on whales and special programs for children during the week.

A $5 day-use pass is required to enter Cape Perpetua Scenic Area.

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