COLFAX, Wash. Water flooded the streets of Colfax on Wednesday morning. As of 12:00 p.m., three roads were closed due to the water. Colfax residents said the flash flooding on Wednesday morning lasted about an hour.

City leaders were looking into what created the mess.

All of sudden there was a lot of noise, water and we jumped up and saw Main Street was pretty much flooded and there was a huge flood coming down the Palouse Highway, said Colfax resident Tina Kincheloe.

Local businesses were worried what the water might do their stores. About half a dozen had some damage Wednesday night.

The flooding closed off Highway 272 for 30 minutes with only one land open for part of the day.

It started up at the top of the hill, started to wash, bringing debris down and filling up the culvert, and pretty soon into the streets and Hwy 272 turned into a river, said Rick McNannay with Colfax police.

Colfax residents said they are used to the flash flooding. They said sometimes the drainage ditches fill up and there is nowhere for the water to go.

Colfax police said City staff need to check on recent work done on culverts to see if that may have impacted Wednesday s flooding.

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