SPOKANE, Wash. - A man lost the furry love of his life. His dog, Susie Q, ran away in early January. He found the dog, but getting her back is not as easy as he thought.

The man who found the victim s beloved dog demanded cash in exchange for the dog. The dog owner said the man claimed he needed the money to fix his car.

The victim offered to pay an automotive shop directly for the work. He said that is when the man who found the dog said he d only accept cash and then drove off holding Susie Q for ransom.

She s a companion dog. Ever since my wife passed, I ve lived by myself. She s the only thing I got here, said Owner Richard Whiteoak.

Richard said despite her old age, Susie Q is energetic.

If you open the door, she likes to run out. That s what happened this time, said Whiteoak.

Richard now fears that she may be gone forever. When she darted out the door earlier this week, he was too weak from his dialysis treatments to chase her.

She had a name tag on her collar with a number on it so they could call us and so he did, said Whiteoak.

The man offered to bring Susie Q by but there was a cath. The man claimed he needed money to fix his tire. He told Whiteoak he wanted $60 to repair it. Whiteoak offered to take him to Sears for a new tire but the man said no deal.

The man sped off and Whiteoak called police.

When someone says if you don t give me so much money, I m going to keep your dog that to me is extortion, said Whiteoak.

Police confirmed they are looking into the case. Whiteoak said for now he is left with knots in his stomach and a hole in his heart.

Whiteoak said the suspect in this case is an African-American male with pockmarks on his face. He said the man was with a young blonde woman and the pair was driving a large white van with no license plates.

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