STAYTON, Ore. A man fleeing sheriff s deputies and police ran into a house Sunday, changed his clothes and pretended that he was an innocent man before being arrested, deputies said.

Jerry Simpson, 29, of Dallas, Ore., was arrested by Marion County deputies after he led them on a high speed chase through the town of Stayton, police said.

Deputies were investigating a series of local burglaries Sunday morning when they came upon a suspicious silver Honda Civic. When deputies tried to stop the vehicle, Simpson took off towards Stayton at 100 mph, said Sergeant Chris Baldridge of the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

As the vehicle entered town, it slowed down and 32-year-old Cheyenne Moore, also of Dallas, ran from the car, deputies said. She was subsequently arrested.

The car continued on. Deputies continued their pursuit and were soon joined by Stayton Police.

A witness described the scene as chaotic.

It [the Civic] sped right past the shop in the little gap between the shop and the building, and then it went back around the building. There were cops everywhere, said Judy Shockey.

Stayton police laid spikes and destroyed three of the car s tires, Baldridge said.

But they said Simpson drove on. He continued to elude officers until he stopped behind a Dollar Tree store on North 1st Street and ran from the car.

Deputies and police followed on foot and chased him through the surrounding backyards. Officers eventually lost track of Simpson, who had entered the home of a friend on North Birch Street, deputies said.

An eyewitness put officers back on the right track and police and deputies eventually surrounded the Birch Street house with the help of a K9 unit.

Once inside, Simpson had changed his clothes and proceeded to deny that he was the driver of the speeding vehicle, Baldridge said.

Officers eventually entered the house, arrested Simpson and found his old clothes in a closet. A search of the vehicle turned up $1,300 in cash, meth, marijuana and other drugs.

Both Simpson and Moore were held in Marion County Jail.

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