NAMPA -- It was a difficult day for many people after 11-year-old Daniel Cook was killed while riding the bus to school Thursday morning.

Daniel was about to turn 12 on New Year's Day, and one family friend says he'll remember him as a kind young man.

Just a good boy you know, said Adam Cobb.

It's hard for Adam Cobb to talk about the little boy he knew as a friend to his family and a neighbor.

Good heart, kind, loved to wrestle, loved to play football, just full of life, said Cobb.

The 11-year-old was sitting in the back of the school bus near the very spot where the dump truck collided.

Cobb saw the tragic accident scene on his way to work and later found out it was Daniel who was killed in the crash.

They're devastated, you know, just devastated, great young man, terrible loss for the family and for the community, said Cobb.

Daniel was a sixth-grader at Crimson Point Elementary School in Kuna.

Cobb says he spent time with his family and kids and was a child he viewed as an example to others.

The kind of kid you wanted at your house and you want your kids associated with, and he did, he associated with our family, we love him, just a good boy, said Cobb.

He says the family who lost a young boy here today now need strength from those around them.

Pray for the family, it's a good family, they have good hearts, it's of course, they're devastated, said Cobb.

The Cook family lives in Nampa and we know they do have other children.

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