NORTH IDAHO.--Some republicans in North Idaho are taking a stand on how they feel about federal gun laws.

Kootenai County GOP leaders passed a resolution Tuesday night. The resolution asks the Kootenai County Sheriff s Office to make any federal laws which violate the second amendment unenforceable there.

The resolution also asks the Sheriff s Office to prevent any of the gun laws from being enforced.

Well, I can't say I would refuse to enforce a federal gun law. I would have to rely on our legal advisors to tell me what's constitutional and what's not, said Sheriff Ben Wolfinger.

The resolution is already raising questions from at least one Kootenai County Commissioner.

I understand that our county prosecutor who happens to also be a member of the central committee spoke up in opposition to the resolution...If he's in opposition, that's definitely going to give me pause, said Kootenai County Commissioner Dan Green.

Sheriff Wolfinger said effectively banning federal gun laws is not necessarily needed.

In more than 30 years in law enforcement, I have never seen a need for any of this in Kootenai County, said Wolfinger.

If county commissioners were to pass such an ordinance, it would only apply to unincorporated areas of Kootenai County. The Board of Commissioners plans to review the resolution.

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