PORTLAND -- Two Forest Grove teenagers, allegedly involved in a crash that killed two young stepsisters playing in a pile of leaves, pleaded not guilty to serious charges Wednesday.

Cinthya Garcia Cisneros remains in custody and appeared in court by video. She's charged with failure to perform the duties of a driver to injured persons.

Her boyfriend and co-defendant, Mario Echeverria is out on bail. He was arraigned on the grand jury indictment for hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence.

Police said the Forest Grove teens were driving home Oct. 20 when they hit and killed two-stepsisters playing in a pile of leaves.

Background: Stepsisters die after hit by vehicle in Forest Grove

Court documents indicate Cisneros was driving the SUV. Police said she felt a big bump after driving through the leaf pile but didn't stop.

Court docs: Driver in Forest Grove deaths know she hit someone

Her younger brother returned to the scene and found Cisneros had run over a child.

Instead of going to police, investigators say the boyfriend, Echeverria took the SUV to a car wash to destroy evidence.

Several friends and family of the two young suspects were in the courtroom. They declined to comment.


KGW reporter Kyle Iboshi contributed to this report.

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