SEATTLE - Just before 3:30 Monday afternoon, a box truck was ripped to pieces when it struck the Alaskan Way Viaduct underpass.

The driver and passenger of the St. Vincent de Paul truck were okay, but the items in the truck were scattered in the road near Blanchard and Elliott.

Austin Cline said he was riding in the passenger seat of the truck, and they were following their GPS when they hit the underpass.

It felt like an earthquake, said Cline. We saw the sign up there but it looked like we could clear it.

Seattle Department of Transportation added more signage to the area after KING 5 reported on several truck strikes this past Summer. The signs warn that it is only 10 feet, six inches high at its lowest point.

SDOT spokesperson Marybeth Turner said there are no plans at this time to make any more changes. In an e-mail to KING 5, Turner wrote: We don't think additional signs would help.

In reference to today's truck strike SDOT engineer, Dongho Chang, added in a statement:

Generally speaking, without knowing the circumstances in this particular case, drivers must be alert and read traffic signs. It is not enough to follow a Google map or GPS map. Also, if you are going to drive a truck, you must know the height of the truck.

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