With so many Northwest microbreweries, you would think that Washington might be near the top of the list of states that drink the most beer. New statistics from the Beer Institute show that the opposite is true.

Washington state residents 21 and older drank about 24.8 gallons of beer per capita in 2012. That s good for 45th on the list of 51. The District of Columbia was counted as a state in the study.

Utah was the state with the least beer consumption at 20.2 gallons per capita.

The state with the most beer consumption was North Dakota at 45.8 gallons per capita.

The chief economist for the Brewers Association tells CNBC that you can thank the oil and gas boom in North Dakota for its top ranking because the state employs a lot of young males. Utah s ranking is largely due to restrictive alcohol laws and the Mormon population.

Click on the attached slide show to see the ten states with the most and least beer consumption.

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