OREGON CITY, Ore. -- It can be a little awkward telling a guest it s time to go home.

Especially if it s at least 800 pounds. And particularly if it has big horns.

He did snort at us one time. He didn t paw the earth or anything he just snorted. Sherry McLain said of a bull that showed up in her yard Sunday morning.

She and Don Rosentreter don t know how the bull got there or who it belongs to. For whatever reason, he doesn t want to leave their Oregon City-area home, which is making for an unusual living situation.

Like this morning I walked out and he was behind the hedge and I didn t see him, McLain said. He moved and I was only about eight feet away from him, it startles you.

Fortunately, he hasn t done any real damage. In fact, it appears he s quite relaxed.

He seems to be very content here like he s found his paradise. It s almost like he s on vacation, Rosentreter said.

The couple is hoping the bull s owner has been on vacation and just doesn t realize the bull is missing.

They have even taken to calling the bull Ferdinand, after the beloved children s book character who turns out to be much more a lover than a fighter.

But this is no fairy tale and as charming as Ferdinand seems to be, the homeowners are worried he could harm himself or others if he walks into the busy road. Plus, well, there s a bull in their backyard.

We've got things to do. We need the owner to come get him, McLain said.

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