BOTHELL, Wash. -- A municipal court judge told a Bothell murder suspect that if he wants out of jail, he will have to hand over his passport first.

Judge Michelle Gehlsen set Alan Smith's bail at $10,000. At his court appearance, Smith agreed to hand over the passport. But late Friday, Smith's girlfriend and his bail bondsman said they were unable to locate it.

Police are investigating the 37 year old as the suspect in the murder of his estranged wife, Susann Smith, last February. He was arrested for obstruction Thursday after police served a search warrant at his home for his passport. When he failed to turn it over, they arrested him.

Thursday night, while he was in custody, Bothell police served another search warrant on Smith himself.

Detectives are covering all their bases, and one of the things they requested were images of his foot prints, said Sgt. Ken Seuberlich.

Police declined to elaborate, but according to court documents, they had found bloody footprints in the kitchen and hallway, at the crime scene that appear to have been left by a barefoot subject. The documents also said there were individual toe impressions.

On Friday, Smith's girlfriend, Love Thai, admitted it's possible he committed the murder, even tough he denies it.

Everybody has their breakdown, said Thai. I don't know what his threshold is but is he possible and capable? Yeah.

Thai is now living with Smith in the house where his wife was bludgeoned to death.

Court documents reveal that Susann Smith suffered 19 separate blunt force and sharp force wounds to her face and head.

When police questioned Alan Smith the day her body was found, they noticed a recent injury to his left hand.

Smith claimed his 3 year old son struck his hand with a hatched while cutting fire wood.

Despite all this, his girlfriend insists he is not a danger to her.

Do I feel protected? Absolutely 100 percent. Do I feel safe? Absolutely 100 percent, said Thai.

Prosecutors have told KING5 there is no forensic evidence tying Alan Smith to the crime scene.

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