Judy and Dennis Schulte drove across the country just a few days ago to be with their son and his family in Seattle.

They'd planned to stay for awhile to help with their new grandson. But on Monday the two died when an alleged drunken driver hit them as they walked in a Seattle neighborhood with their daughter-in-law and new grandson, Elias.

Even before the accident 66-year-old Judy Schulte was living on borrowed time.

Judy was diagnosed with lymphoma two years ago. And her goal was to live long enough to see her grandchild, said friend Carolyn Thompson.

And she did. She got to spend the last few days with her baby grandson, Elias. On Monday, she died just feet from the child she had lived to meet.

Judy and her husband Dennis of 41 years had road-tripped here from Indiana to be with their son, their daughter-in-law, and their newborn grandson.

Her comment was I will give it a few months to see how much Dan's family needs me and then I will start volunteering, said Thompson.

The small house they had hoped to share the next six months with was quiet Tuesday as their son keeps vigil over his wife and baby.

Neighbor Kelly Jain didn't really know the family. But out for a walk with her young daughter -- she ran into Dennis Schulte just two hours before the accident.

We were just in front of their house...he was coming back with a coffee carrier and he was very lovely to [my daughter].

By all accounts the Schultes were lovely to everyone. Both were retired teachers who planned to live out their golden years as fulltime grandparents.

People were looking at pictures of his grandbaby that he had forwarded to them that he was so excited to go out and see and he was just so proud of his two kids in what they had accomplished, said Rick Davis, the Principal at Western High School in Kokomo, Indiana where Dennis taught calculus and coached football.

At the scene of the Monday's crash, students from Eckstein Middle School left daffodils at the memorial, in a fitting tribute to a couple who had dedicated their lives to education.

Just want to honor them, said one boy. It's great that we can come here and pay our respects.

The Wedgwood Community Council has set up a memorial fund for the Judy and Dennis Schulte and a medical fund for Karina and Elias Ulriksen-Schulte at the Wedgwood Homestreet Bank.

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