BOISE -- More controversy surrounds the Idaho Aquarium in Boise after two more arrests were made at the business Tuesday morning.

Federal officers arrested two men last Thursday after prosecutors say they illegally purchased four spotted eagle rays and two lemon sharks from a seller in Florida. Two of the sharks were confiscated during a raid in Boise last week.

Among those arrested Tuesday was Ammon Covino, 39, of Meridian, the president of the non-profit aquarium.

Pamela Bearg with the U.S. attorney's office says Covino was arrested once again for violating the terms of his pre-trial release. Federal prosecutors have filed a motion to revoke Covino's bond.

Covino was released on $100,00 bond after his initial court appearance on Feb. 21.

His nephew, Pete Covino IV, 20, of Star, was also arrested Tuesday for obstruction of justice on a compliant from Florida.

According to the motion, Ammon Covino directed his nephew to contact a person in Florida to destroy information about a recent order he placed to purchase undersized and illegal nurse sharks.

Both men appeared in federal court in Boise this morning. Ammon Covino is due back in court on Friday to determine if he should be detained pending transfer to the Southern District of Florida. Peter Covino IV is scheduled to appear in Florida federal court on March 15.

At this time, the Idaho Aquarium is still operating as normal.

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