BELLEVUE, Wash. - - The first people to call 911 were deceptively calm.

Hey, we have a report of shots fired at Munchbar, Bellevue Square said a man who identified himself as Dave with Lincoln Square security. Dave said a maintenance crew in the area heard the gunshots.

911 calls were soon flooding into police dispatch.

Someone's been shot, you have to come right now. It's in Bellevue, a woman caller stated.

A male caller told dispatch: 911? I have a shot man. He s been shot three times.
Dispatcher: Okay, are you with the patient?
Caller: I m with him right now?
Dispatcher: Okay, where were they shot?
Caller: It looks like he was shot in the chest, I m not sure.

Police quickly realized the situation was dire.

We ve got shots fired at Munch...shots fired at Munch, stated one Bellevue police officer on his radio, as he calls for backup.

It was just after 1 a.m. on Christmas Eve. What had begun as a festive Sunday night celebration of a big Seahawks win over the San Francisco 49ers disintegrated into a chaos.

One frantic 911 caller, identified as Jessica, described the scene this way: I saw everybody running and I heard shots; that's all I know. As sirens wailed in the background, she wailed, Oh my God, oh my God!

Bellevue police converged on Bellevue Square and called for backup.

Start everyone down here; we re going to try to make entry, one officer told dispatch. We don t have a suspect description yet.

Dispatchers would hear the same story over and over.

Dispatcher: Do you know if anyone s injured?
Caller: Yeah. There s blood right at the front door. There s blood all over the door. I don t know how many people got shot.

One woman called 911 confused and crying so hard she couldn t talk.

Dispatcher: M'am can you hear me?
Caller: Yes. I'm sorry (crying) Hang on...Yes, No, No, No, I'm not injured.
Dispatcher: Did you see the shooting?
Caller: Yes.
Dispatcher: Did you see the suspect?
Caller: No

Club goers poured out of the exits, some women leaving their shoes behind on the walkway to the Bellevue Square garage. It s unclear how many people have been shot.

One woman called 911, screaming so loudly the dispatcher struggled to be heard.
Dispatcher: M am, I need your location
Caller: Please God! Please God! Please help me. My God, I just got shot, she told the dispatcher.

The call ends, but she may be the same woman who called later to report her brother bleeding on the floor.

Caller: My brother s on the ground, my brother s on the ground, my brother s on the ground
Dispatch: Where s your brother been shot?
Caller: (Indecipherable)

The dispatcher appears confused.
Dispatcher: Is it your brother who s been shot?
Caller: Yes, right at the Munch Bar.
Dispatcher: Who s been shot? Do you know the person?
Caller: Yeah, it s Deshawn, my brother.

Deshawn Milliken would later be pronounced dead -- the victim of four gunshots.

Yet despite a crowd of more than 600 in the Munchbar at the time, there's little information about the shooter.

Dispatcher: Did you happen to see who the suspect was?
Caller: No. I wish I did. I have no idea who shot.
Dispatcher: I want you to get yourself safe and listen to the officers, okay?
Caller: Oh my God, there's blood all over the door

Police pieced together a vague description.

Dispatcher: All units, we have one caller saying the suspect is a black male in his 20 s to early 30 s, wearing a flannel shirt.

And a man flagged down officers in the parking garage; he was shot twice.

Officer: I have a victim by Nordstrom s, have an aid car come here.
Dispatcher: Copy, victim by Nordstrom s, have an aid car go there.

According to court documents, the man survived and was later identified as entering the Munchbar with the alleged shooter, Ja Mari Jones.

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