TROY, Idaho -- A North Idaho school district canceled classes Wednesday because of an outbreak of the flu.

More than 300 students and teachers in Troy, Idaho stayed home so schools could be disinfected. Troy is located 13 miles east of Moscow on SH-8.

Superintendent of Schools Christy Castro said more than 10-percent of the district s junior and senior high school students were out sick earlier in the week. 27-percent of the teachers called out sick on Tuesday.

Troy Schools has 315 students total.

District officials asked parents to not allow sick children to go back to school until they had gone through a full 24 hours without a fever reducing medicine.

Maintenance workers spent Wednesday disinfecting desks, chairs, tables, doorknobs, and school busses to help prevent the flu from spreading.

The elementary school was also closed because it is located on the same campus.

District officials expected classes to resume Thursday.

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