Doctor Mike Sherbun of Cedar Hills Hospital and other experts are offering advice for talking to children about such violence as the deadly school shooting Friday inConnecticut.

Gunman opened fire inside a Connecticut elementary school where his mother worked Friday, killing at least 26 people, including 18 children.

The three main catagories of symptoms experts say, is re-experiencing the traumatic event, avoidance and numbing, and increased anxiety and emotional arousal.

If symptoms are severe, lasting longer than four weeks and including not going to work, or cutting themselves off from family -- that should raise your concern level and is a serious sign of more help needed.

I think we underestimate children, he said. They're going to hear about this from other kids at school, from teachers, and I think it's okay for parents to articulate to them 'hey, there are bad things in this world, bad things happen all over the country, it happened here, and how do you feel about that?' let the children talk.

If they saw on television or heard about it at school, ask what they heard about what do they know, how are they feeling about that. Also, just let them know whatever they want to talk about it fine

Sherbun says it'll probably take a few days for people to really start dealing with what happened.

Crisis lines: MultnomahCo. 503-988-4888 Website

Clackamas County: 503-655-8585 Website

Providence child psychiatrist Dr. Kathryn Flegel will host a chat Friday afternoon on our KGW Facebook page at 4 PM

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